Degree Verification

What is Degree Verification ?

Degree Verification ensures the authenticity of the educational background of a candidate. This validates the genuity of an employee’s education qualification with respect to the degree, year of completion, passing grades and the course pursued.

How is degree verification performed ?

  • Photocopies of the certificates and mark sheets are sent to the issuing authority.
  • Few universities accept online requests while majority prefer postal channel.
  • Verification fee is paid either through a demand draft or online gateway.
What documents are required for degree verification ?
  • Clear Photocopies of the certificates(pc,cmm).
  • The time varies depending on the institute.
  •  The Institute typically take between 10 to 15 working days to issue verified certificate.

Key outcomes:

  • Specifying the authentic of the certificates in written
  • Better understanding of candidates qualifications
Request for degree verification procedure:
Step 1:pay Demand Draft(DD) or online payment in Favour of  "THE PRINCIPAL ASIT" Rs 500/-.             
Step 2:Send details as following:

            Name of the student,Date of birth ,period of study,year of passing,hall ticket no,class Obtained,verification requested by,student hired by(organization name). and also mention The DD number,date.

Step 3: Send details as fax to the college Audisankara Institute of Technology(ASIT) ,NH-5 BYPASS Road, Gudur in the form of letter to principal.  
Step 4:After verifying the details of particular candidate the collage management send e-mail to that particular organization.
      Note:Mention verify organization seal and E-mail with signature i.e.,who are verifying the details of the particular candidate in the letter.